Student Housing is accepting applications for the following student staff positions. Click on job titles for details, and please note application deadlines listed.

Campus Village

Job Title/Description (click to expand) App. Deadline
Resident Advisor (RA)

The responsibilities of a Resident Advisor are centered around a student apartment community in which the staff member focuses on the growth and development of the residents. Under the supervision of the Residence Life Coordinator (RLC), the RA serves as a live-in resource person to both residents and staff so as to meet the goals of the Residential Education Program. RAs participate in housing training, community event planning, programming, safety and citizenship within each community and meeting commitments approximately 19.5 hours per week. Note: RAs live in the apartment and are provided room and a monthly food stipend.

See full job description in application packet.

July 21st
10:00 a.m.

Residential Education Board (Community Programming)

The Residential Education Board is responsible for assessing the needs of all four undergraduate housing communities (Arroyo Vista, Campus Village, Mesa Court and Middle Earth) and developing a variety of education programs to address these needs. The Residential Education Board will be comprised of 12 paraprofessional staff positions: 1 Programs Advisor, 1 Programs Coordinator and 10 Community Programmers. We currently have three openings for Community Programmers.

Job Title/Description (click to expand) App. Deadline
Community Programmer (3)

The Community Programmers (CPs) work cooperatively with each other, under the guidance of the Programs Advisor, Student Development Coordinator, and the Residential Life Teams, to implement and market community- and undergraduate housing-wide programs to residents of the four undergraduate communities, based on an assessment of the communities’ needs.

Community Programmer Job Description

July 28th
8:00 a.m.

Community Council Executive Boards

The Community Councils serve as student governments for the communities. These Executive Board positions provide the opportunity for residents of the communities to serve in a leadership capacity within their community, focus on advocacy to address resident needs, serve as members of the Government of Undergraduate Student Housing (GUSH), and develop community-wide programs.

Loc. Job Title/Description (click to expand) App. Deadline
MC MCC Executive Board (3)

Mesa Court Council (MCC) provides programming, leadership development opportunities, and advocacy for the residents of Mesa Court. Executive Board members conduct weekly meetings to allow residents the opportunity to present issues of concern about residence hall living. The Exec Board team meets weekly with professional MC staff to plan and organize activities and events and to advocate for the residents.

Open MCC Executive Board Positions:

  • Vice President
  • Activities and Advocacy Chair
  • Community Service and Outreach Chair

MCC Exec Board Job Descriptions

July 28th
8:00 a.m.
ME MECC Executive Board (2)

The Middle Earth Community Council (MECC) Executive Board works closely with ME professional staff, Community Council members, and Community Programmers, to promote community living through advocacy, programming, and communication. Responsibilities include working with hall officers, community service programming, and regular "Coffee House" programs. The President also meets with the BSC Manager and the CP staff weekly to discuss current trends within the Middle Earth community.

Open MECC Executive Board Positions:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

MECC Exec Board Job Descriptions

July 28th
8:00 a.m.