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Costa Rica Program

The Costa Rica Program is an intercultural trip and academic program focused on exploring global sustainability and cultural immersion issues. Students stay on an organic farm, learn about sustainability practices, engage in community service, and participate in a homestay. This program allows students to travel with other UCI students on a coordinated program engaging in local community life and the environment. Upon their return, students present their research projects and engage in outreach within the UCI community.

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Academic Student Coordinator

The Student Coordinator is critical to the leadership of the Costa Rica P rogram and coordinate many aspects of the overall program components. The Academic Student Coordinator will focus on academic classes, research proposal process, and outreach initiatives. The Student Coordinator should have previous event planning and group facilitation experience. They use this experience to lead highly engaging outreach initiatives and build strong stakeholder relationships. They should also be skilled at leading small group discussions & facilitating activities.

Costa Rica Program Academic Student Coordinator Job Description

Aug 22nd
11:59 p.m.