Below are Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about the Fall 2021 Continuing Student Housing Process. If you still have questions after reviewing this list, email

The Basics:
  • Housing offers for Fall 2021 are not guaranteed. Offers will be made according to application timestamp as space allows.
  • It is not required for any student to live on-campus.
  • Any undergraduate student who is interested in housing may apply, regardless of whether they are currently living on- or off-campus.
  • Application for the Residence Halls (Mesa Court and Middle Earth) and Arroyo Vista will be available in the Housing Gateway and have no fee.
  • Applications for each American Campus Community (ACC) property will be available on their respective community websites. For 2021-22, there is no application fee or security deposit required.
  • ACC housing offers for Fall 2021 will begin in March.
  • Residence Hall/Arroyo Vista housing offers for Fall 2021 will begin in May.

Frequently Asked Questions -- Continuing Student Process

How many communities can I apply to?

Students may submit an application to as many communities as they would like. Since offers will be made according to application timestamps, it’s recommended to apply to communities in the order you’re interested in.

Submitting only ONE application does not mean you have applied to all housing communities. The Residence Halls and Arroyo Vista will be on one housing application, but this is not the same for the ACC applications. To apply to the ACCs, you must submit an application for each ACC property you’re interested in. Submitting an application to ONE ACC property does not automatically apply to all five ACC properties. You will need to apply to each ACC property you are interested in.

Will room types return to original occupancy?

Housing offers will be for double occupancy rooms in Arroyo Vista and for single, double, and triple occupancy rooms in Mesa Court and Middle Earth. The campus will continue to follow any updated guidelines from local and state public health authorities.

Are 2021-22 room rates posted on the website?

Yes, housing rates for the 2021-22 academic year can be found at

Are meal plans required while living on campus?

Students holding a contract for the Residence Halls (Mesa Court and Middle Earth) are required to have a meal plan in accordance to the terms of the contract. Voluntary (or “Anteater”) meal plans are available through UCI Dining for students not living in the Residence Halls, but are not required.

If I receive a housing offer that isn’t for my preferred community choice, can I accept it and cancel it later?

If you receive a housing offer, we recommend that BEFORE you sign the contract/lease, you read and understand the terms of the contract/lease and the process of cancelling.

When and where can I submit occupancy preferences (theme, room type, roommate, etc.)?

If offered a housing contract/lease, you will have the opportunity to indicate preferences during the contract/lease process. There is no guarantee that preferences will be accommodated.

I currently live on-campus and like where I’m living, can I renew my contract/lease?

There are no renewals for the Residence Halls and Arroyo Vista contracts. If you would like to apply to either of these communities, you must submit a new housing application.

ACC will send current residents information regarding lease renewals in January.

If I don’t receive a housing offer by the end of June, what should I do?

Offers will be made according to application timestamp as space allows. If you do not receive a housing offer by the end of June, your application timestamp will remain on the waitlist and you will be contacted if and when space becomes available. You may also research off-campus housing options on the Anteater Housing Network at

How will my financial aid be impacted if I live off-campus vs. on-campus?

For any questions regarding Financial Aid, we recommend you schedule a phone appointment with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at