Graduate Family Housing Policies have been updated to include policies for COVID-19 prevention that are in compliance with federal, local and campus guidance including Executive Directives from the UCI Chancellor. If there are updates in the guidance from these sources, Housing policies may be updated as well. Residents will be notified via email of any policy changes and will be responsible for reading and adhering to all policy amendments. Learn more about UCI Executive Directives, including on-going testing for on-campus residents here. Please Note: Policies listed on this page are currently under review and will be updated soon.

COVID-Related Housing Policies

COVID Safety

All members of the community are required to abide by state, local and campus public health guidelines and/or UCI Chancellor’s Executive Directives as well as align with the Anteater Pledge. COVID non-compliance that creates a hazard to member(s) of the community is in direct violation of the COVID Safety policy.

Cooperation with University Personnel

Residents must cooperate with and act respectfully toward University personnel who are acting in the performance of their duties. Residents must present identification to University personnel upon request and may be required to leave the Student Housing community if they are unable to do so (Children under 16 years of age and accompanied by their legal guardian or resident host who has a valid photo identification are an exception). This includes, but is not limited to, interactions with all Housing staff (professional and student staff), Dining Service staff, UCIPD and OCFA/Fire Department. Interfering with University personnel while in the performance of their duties is prohibited. Examples of violations of this policy include, but are not limited to: providing false information, failing to present identification, withholding information, interfering with staff while they are performing their duties, noncompliance with verbal or written directives or sanctions, and abusive language or exhibiting abusive behavior toward staff.

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to follow all state, local and campus guidelines to promote the safety and wellness of all residents and the larger university community. University and Housing policies may be updated in response to the pandemic and you are expected to read any notifications provided by the university (via email, website, zotalert, etc.) and follow all applicable policies and directives.

  • Adhering to the UCI Chancellor’s Executive Directives and Student Housing directives including sequestering (Zot Pods) guidelines and expectations. 

Daily Symptom Check

All UCI students must complete the Daily Symptom Check on a daily basis per the UCI Chancellor’s Executive Directive. For more information on the Executive Directive, please refer to the following link:


Residents must wear face-coverings at all times when not in their assigned apartments which includes while walking in the hallways, stairwells, outdoor areas, and parking lots when they are not able to maintain at least 6  feet of physical distance from another person as listed in the UCI Chancellor’s Executive Directive on face-coverings. Residents are expected to wear a face-covering in all laundry rooms. Please refer to the following link on the UCI Chancellor’s Executive Directive on face-coverings: Persons younger than two-years-old should not wear a face-covering due to the risk of suffocation.


Any group recognized by the University or Housing may be held accountable as a group for violating policies within a housing facility.


As directed by the state’s Guidance for Institutions of Higher Education, UCI strongly discourages any nonessential visitors or volunteers from accessing UCI controlled property, which includes UCI Housing premises.  As such, in-person activities or meetings involving individuals not affiliated with UCI (such as external groups or organizations) are strongly discouraged at this time unless the individual is on-premises solely to perform an essential function as defined by the State of California essential workforce directive or are minor children/dependents of a Graduate and Family Housing resident and present for the purposes of childcare. Consistent with guidelines from state, local, University, as well as guidance from public health experts, this policy has been adopted to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The guest policy applies to individuals living in your housing community, other campus housing communities, and outside of University housing. It extends to your assigned apartment, common areas, bedrooms, and grounds. Each student resident will be responsible for making every effort to have a stable and limited rotation of caregivers. The student resident must also complete the Daily Symptom Check for themselves and ensure their minor children/dependents are symptom free prior to allowing the minor children/dependents into another unit for purposes of childcare.

Personal Care

Residents are responsible for managing their personal care which includes, but is not limited to personal hygiene, mental health, management of medical conditions or illnesses, and/or health related personal needs.

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to keep the health and wellness of individuals and the community at the forefront of our attention. If any resident believes they may have been exposed or may have contracted COVID-19, please contact the UCI Student Health Center at (949) 824-5304 or to report your symptoms and follow their guidance.
  • Actively or intentionally spreading illness to another person is not tolerated and is considered a violation.

Quarantine Space

Residents directed by the University to quarantine or isolate must follow all staff directions related to the quarantine or isolation. These instructions may include staying in their assigned space, relocating to a temporary assignment, using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of transmission, and may include any other guidance given by staff or health professionals. Termination of tenancy will be pursued if a resident demonstrates an inability or an unwillingness to abide by university regulations and the requirements of community living. Failure to abide by these directives to quarantine and/or isolate will also subject residents to student conduct proceedings and/or termination of tenancy.

Resident/Room Occupancy

Residents are expected to abide by the guest(s) policy (pg. 10) for individual resident rooms/apartments and abide by all reduced density occupancy limits for common/shared spaces. The number of residents permitted in common area spaces varies in each housing community. Please refer to posted signs within the facility, laundry rooms, and common area spaces for occupant limits.


Any dangerous behavior should be reported to UCIPD and any safety concerns should be reported to your community Housing Office or staff immediately. Safety violations are subject to immediate disciplinary action.

COVID Non-Compliance: Non-compliance with state, local and campus public health guidance and/or UCI Chancellor’s Executive Directives is in direct violation of the safety policy.

Grad Gatherings in Graduate and Family Housing

Grad Gatherings are permitted social gatherings that bring together people from different households/apartments in small contained groups. The policy aligns with current California Department of Public Health guidelines for gatherings. Residents are encouraged to limit guests to individuals who are part of your Grad Gathering group or essential workers and are no longer required to register gatherings or essential workers. Participants in Grad Gatherings should try to maintain a stable group over time. Participating in multiple gatherings with different households or groups is strongly discouraged, as it increases the risk of viral transmission. All individuals planning to host or participate in a Grad Gathering must comply with the requirements identified in the policy. Read the full policy and find more information about approved campus activities.