Palo Verde and Verano Place use a "permitless" parking system that uses License Plate Recognition – scanning of license plates is used for the enforcement of resident parking. Residents requesting parking permission will be given an account with the Virtual Permit Management System (VPMS) by their housing office. Residents are responsible for managing their parking privileges.

Account Activation / Application Instructions

Parking permissions will be activated only for vehicles that are registered to the contract holder and other car owners listed on the contract holder's lease.

Please note: your parking permission is valid only in your housing community. It is not valid for use on campus or at the Medical Center.

  1. Palo Verde residents:

    Read and print the PV Parking and Garage Policies/Application. Complete the application, leaving the "For Office Use Only" spaces blank, and submit it to the Palo Verde housing office by mail or in person during normal business hours.

    Verano Place residents:

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  2. Submit DMV records to your housing office

    Make a COPY of your CURRENT DMV vehicle registration document for each vehicle listed on the application and submit these copies to your housing office. Do not send the original registration document. If you are in the process of renewing your vehicle registration and have yet to receive registration paperwork from the DMV, contact your housing office to make the necessary arrangements.

  3. Receive Access to the Virtual Permit Management System (VPMS)

    After approval of the application, residents will receive an email from Transportation & Distribution Services (T&DS) with a temporary password for VPMS.

  4. Log in and complete activation

    Log in to VPMS with your email address and the temporary password. Read and accept the terms and conditions to activate your account. Change your password to something more private that you will not forget.

Expiration / Renewal

Resident parking permissions will expire on June 30th of each year, coinciding with the University's fiscal year, unless otherwise indicated by terms of the lease. That is, if a resident does not remain eligible to live in the community, their vehicle permission will expire the day of lease termination or contract expiration.

Palo Verde and Verano Place

Parking permission(s) are automatically renewed upon lease renewal if there is no change in the vehicle's registration information. If any information has changed, follow steps 2-4 above.

Visitor Parking

All residents receive 432 hours of visitor permissions per quarter (equivalent to 18 days). To activate visitor permissions using the "permitless" VPMS system, log in to your account and record the license plate of each visitor's vehicle and the number of hours of the intended visit. Visitors may only park in designated "Visitor" spaces. If you exhaust your hours before the quarter is over, you will not be given any addtional hours.

Commuter, monthly and/or evening visitor permits may be purchased from Transportation & Distribution Services. For more information, visit their Web site at

Event Parking

Due to limited space, there is no parking set aside for events in Palo Verde and Verano Place. Short term parking may be purchased through T&DS for lots 17A, The ARC, and the Anteater Parking structure.

Parking Citations Review

Palo Verde and Verano Place are not responsible for any citations received due to missed deadlines or incomplete applications. Please direct all parking citation inquiries to T&DS, at For more information, visit T&DS's parking citation page. Please contact your housing office if you have additional questions.

Palo Verde Residents who leave the garage door open 3 times will forfeit the privilege of a garage space.