Community Transfer Policy

Residents wishing to move between the Campus Village, Palo Verde, or Verano Place communities must submit an application to the GFH waiting list. In addition to the standard eligibility criteria, resident applicants must have been in their current apartment for 12 months and have no outstanding balances on their housing account before they are eligible to receive an offer for a new placement. Placements from the waitlist are made as spaces become available. The contract for the new apartment will begin 45 days after the offer is accepted. The contracts for both apartments will overlap by 2 days to allow time for moving. If the apartment is available earlier and the resident wishes to move sooner than 45 days, the resident will be financially responsible for both apartments from the day keys to the new apartment are issued through the end of the 45 day period.

Access the online Graduate and Family Housing Application through the Housing Gateway.

Frequently Referenced Policies


Pet dogs are not permitted in Graduate and Family Housing. Animals needed to provide assistance to persons with disabilities are not deemed pets and are permitted. Residents who wish to bring comfort/assistance animals into housing for a disability related need must contact UCI Disability Services Center. Disability Services Center will determine any and all accommodations and will provide written verification to Student Housing. Cats and small caged animals (e.g., guinea pigs, fish, small birds) may be permitted as pets at the university’s sole discretion with prior written approval and registration. Fish in containers or tanks no larger than 10 gallons are permitted. No other animals are permitted. A $50 cat deposit is required and pets need to be registered and cared for in accordance with the Community’s Animal Policy.


Student Housing, as well as UC Irvine, is designated as “smoke free.” Smoking and tobacco products are not permitted on campus or other UC Irvine properties, including UCI Graduate and Family Housing. Residents and their guests are not permitted to smoke or use tobacco products within individual units, in common areas, or throughout the grounds. This includes all hallways, lobbies, garages, parking lots, walkways, and all exterior grounds. Detailed information on the UC Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment Policy.


Consideration for the rights of others is essential in a multi‐unit residential complex. Quiet hours are in effect Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., and Friday and Saturday from 12:00 midnight to 8:00 a.m. Please note that this does not mean that all noise levels are acceptable before these hours. The rights of other members of the community should always be taken into consideration. Band, instrument, or vocal practice is not permitted in the apartments at any time if it disrupts other residents’ peace. Student Housing reserves the right to terminate any noise including amplified sound, band, instrument, or vocal practice at any time if the noise is deemed to be disruptive. An around‐the‐clock quiet period begins on the Friday prior to final exam weeks and extends through the last Friday of final exam weeks. If a neighbor requests your cooperation in lowering noise levels so that he/she may study or sleep, please be considerate and keep in mind that their schedule may not be the same as yours.

Balconies & Patios

We encourage you to make your private patio/balcony an enjoyable exterior living space that is safe and well maintained. Not all apartments have a private patio or balcony. No alterations to the buildings (including use of fasteners e.g., nails, screws) or grounds are permitted. All items must be confined to the actual patio/balcony area and may not overflow onto public/common areas. Storage is limited to 25% of the total patio/balcony area (floor to ceiling and side to side). Items used in these areas must be suitable for outdoor use and safely used /stored in the space per manufacturer’s instructions and Graduate and Family Housing Policies Page 3 Graduate and Family Housing guidelines. Flowerpots and planters may not be placed on patio or balcony railings, patio walls, entryways or stairways. They pose a safety hazard and may cause damage to balconies from water seepage. Do not hang any items including brooms, mops, laundry or other unsightly items on your patio. Note: repair costs associated with plant/water damage will be assessed to resident. Periodic inspections will be performed.

COVID-Related Policies in Student Housing

Student Housing Policies have been updated to include policies for COVID-19 prevention that are in compliance with federal, local and campus guidance including Executive Directives from the UCI Chancellor. If there are updates in the guidance from these sources, Housing policies may be updated as well. Residents will be notified via email of any policy changes and will be responsible for reading and adhering to all policy amendments.

Click here to read Covid-Related Housing Policies.

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