Renovation of Pippin Commons begins in fall 2019 and will open in spring 2020 with a new mail center, workout facilities, music rooms, and entertainment & gaming center for all Middle Earth residents. 

Managing Construction Impacts

Middle Earth will make every effort to minimize construction impacts on our residents during the renovation process, however, there will be associated noise which might be a little loud at times, as well as some additional dust and changes to foot-traffic patterns as the project continues.   Please report any specific concerns to the Middle Earth Housing Office or at the link at the bottom of the page.

Proceed With Caution - Travel Paths

Construction areas are clearly marked with signs and a fence.  Do not enter the construction area at any time and please be aware and cautious of all vehicular and other traffic.

Eat - Play - Study: Middle Earth Facilities

Where to eat: Brandywine Commons is open to all Middle Earth residents and is located on the first floor of Middle Earth Towers.

Where to play: Games and recreational equipment is available in each hall, and additional games can be checked out from Anborn Student Services (2nd floor of Laurelin-Telperion). Look out for additional information through the Middle Earth weekly listserv email. The basketball court is located next to the construction area.

Where to study: In addition to the study spaces available in each residence hall, Middle Earth offers community study space is in Arkenstone, Bucklebury Library, and Wellinghall. Community study spaces are open to all Middle Earth residents. Additionally, the ACE Programmers will host study spaces in the Dome of Stars Multipurpose Room. There are also many study spaces available on-campus, including the Student Center, Gateway Study Center, and libraries. More information at

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the construction hours? 

Construction set up work will start at 7:00 a.m. (Monday - Friday), with “noisy” work after 8:00 a.m. "Noisy work" is formally defined as activities such as drilling and demolition. Special conditions may occasionally require an earlier start time, and in such cases, prior notification will be sent to residents through the Middle Earth listserv. There may be some work done on Saturdays, with a start time of 9:00am. 

Will construction stop during finals week?

During Finals Week construction will be limited to non-noisy activities. Again there may be activity at the construction site, but we are very sensitive to our residents need to concentrate during that crucial time.