Middle Earth has begun construction on an expansion that will add 490 beds along with a new dining commons, community study spaces, fitness center, and recreation facilities to this first-year housing community. The project will also include administrative office space and is scheduled to open in Fall 2019. 


Middle Earth Towers

Construction Schedule

Construction of new facilities is scheduled for completion in Summer 2019. Facilities will open for use in Fall 2019. Check back here for quarterly updates on construction activities.

Updates for...Project
Winter 2019

Completion of building exterior face and interior spaces is underway. Progress is on schedule for fall opening!

Fall 2018

Construction reached the “topping off” milestone, and continues with completion of building exterior along with development of interior spaces.

Spring/Summer 2018

The concrete structure for the basement and first floor has been completed. Formwork and concrete for the second floor will begin at the end of Spring Quarter. Specifications and shop drawings for the myriad of building systems are well underway. Engineering for structural upgrades necessary for Pippin renovations have also begun.

Winter 2018

Much of the work for underground utilities and basement is complete and the structure is beginning to rise out of the ground. Two of the four stair towers are taking shape, with walls and floors to follow.

Fall 2017

Earth moving and foundation work; construction crane installed.

"Pardon Our Dust" - Managing Construction Impacts

Middle Earth will make every effort to minimize construction impacts on our residents during the two-year project. Noise abatement will include work schedule restrictions for “hard construction” (starting at 8 a.m.) and installation of a 15 foot sound wall by halls adjacent to the site. Residents should report specific concerns to the Middle Earth Housing Office.

"Proceed With Caution" - Travel Paths

Pedestrian access from Middle Earth to Ring Road is on the southern edge of the community, closest to the Engineering buildings. Please note: the pathway from ring road has some uneven pavement, so proceed with caution. Access from the Anteater Parking Structure is via the walkway in front of Rohan Hall. See Middle Earth map for details.

"Eat/Play/Study" - Middle Earth Facilities

Where to eat: Pippin Commons will remain open throughout construction. Your meal plan may also be used in The Anteatery in Mesa Court.

Where to play: The Tolkien Room (located left of the server area in Pippin Commons) will serve as a recreation space during construction, and a basketball court will be located between Pippin Commons and Shadowfax hall.

Where to study: Arkenstone and Bucklebury Library are open to all Middle Earth residents. Monitored study space will be available during evenings and weekends in the Continuing Education trailers, located adjacent to the halls behind Pippin Commons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the construction work schedule on weekdays and weekends?

Construction set up work will start at 7:00 a.m. (Monday - Friday), with “noisy” work after 8:00 a.m.  "Noisy work" is formally defined as activities such as drilling and demolition. Special conditions may occasionally require an earlier start time, and in such cases, prior notification will be sent to residents through the Middle Earth listserv. There may be some work done on Saturdays, with a start time of 9:00am.

Will there be construction during finals weeks?

During Finals Week construction will be limited to non-noisy activities. Again there may be activity at the construction site but we are very sensitive to our residents need to concentrate during that crucial time.

Are there other study space options?

In addition to the study spaces noted above, there are also study spaces in each residence hall as well as in locations throughout the campus core, including the Student Center, Gateway Study Center, and libraries. More information at http://www.lib.uci.edu/study-campus 

When will construction activities be completed?

The towers will open for occupancy in fall 2019, along with the new dining facility and other community spaces. Construction will continue during the Fall 2019 on the remodeling of Pippin Student Service Center.   Thanks for your patience!