General Questions

Where can I get information about the coronavirus?

A good way to manage any worries about COVID-19 is to stay as informed as possible. The CDC has posted some very good information. UCI Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has also posted information for the campus community.

Is the campus closing?

No. Campus buildings will remain open, and many campus units, including Student Housing, Dining, Health Center, CARE and the Counseling Center, will continue to provide services, though some services may be modified. Please pay attention to future communications in case this changes.

How will things be different on campus during spring quarter?

In addition to replacing in-person classes with “remote learning”, the campus has cancelled large gatherings, and will be encouraging people to practice “social distancing” to reduce the potential for contagion. Some business practices will change as well, for example, by conducting online meetings where possible.

Should I go home?

The campus is encouraging students to go home (to their permanent residence) as soon as they can, continuing their studies remotely. Finals will not be in person. Contact your instructor if you have any questions regarding winter finals and spring courses. The decision to leave campus or to stay is up to each individual.

What if I can’t go home?

We know that some students, for a number of reasons, may not be able to go home. It is perfectly fine to stay on campus in that case. We will continue to serve you, even if some services are handled a bit differently.

When should I come back?

Classes will continue to be held remotely through spring quarter. If you have a housing contract/lease for the 2020-21 academic year, plan to return by your contract start date. This COVID-19 outbreak is a quickly changing situation, so please continue to check your UCI email for updates.


Do I need to move out of my residence?

Students are strongly encouraged to move to their permanent residence if possible, but may remain in your on-campus residence if circumstances prevent them from doing so. If you remain in housing, you may be asked to relocate in order to maintain social distancing and to avoid undo isolation in the community.

If I decide to move out of my residence, is there any help available for moving and storage?

Our official storage provider, Dorm Room Movers is here to help you with your move-out during the recent changes in the academic schedule. Dorm Room Movers has added FREE pickup dates for anyone who needs to store immediately. Storage pricing is per box or non-boxed item per semester. Questions? Contact Dorm Room Movers at (888) 769-3676.

If I decide to move out of my residence, will I continue to be charged for Housing?

No. Students who cancel their housing contract and move out will not be charged for Housing beyond their cancellation date, and no contract cancellation fee will be imposed. Any spring quarter charges that have already been paid will be refunded to the ZotAccount. Students must remove all of their belongings from their room/apartment before completing the move-out process.

Will there be dining services during spring quarter?

Yes, residential dining facilities (The Anteatery and Brandywine Commons) will continue to operate, although there may be modifications to services or hours of operations.

Will I be able to eat over spring break?

There will be limited service during spring break.

Will community facilities remain open during spring quarter?

Each housing community will update their residents on any changes to facility hours.

Will ResNet service be affected by the increased demand from online classes?

Campus OIT and ResNet are preparing for possible increased demand on the campus network. If connectivity is an issue, students should contact ResNet as currently instructed.

What should I do if I was planning to participate in an EAP or UCDC program that has been cancelled?

Please contact Student Housing to arrange for spring on-campus housing accommodations. We may be able to accommodate you.

Is my housing for 2020-21 impacted?

Housing offers, contracts/leases for 2020-2021 will not be affected by the changes that are occurring for spring quarter.

Can I move back into Housing once I have moved out?

Exceptions to stay in campus housing for spring quarter will be made for students who are experiencing any of the following circumstances:

  • Do not have access to alternate housing;
  • Have economic needs that do not enable them to return to their permanent residence;
  • Cannot relocate due to personal health or safety considerations;
  • Have permanent residences in areas highly impacted by COVID-19; or
  • Have other situations that should be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you moved out and are experiencing one of these circumstances, please email to request a new housing offer. Please note: we may not be able to offer placement in the same community or assignment type.

Can I have guests during spring quarter?

In accordance with the Governor of California's Stay Home Order and guidance from the public health experts, guests are not permitted in Student Housing communities, this includes the common areas and resident rooms.

How will housing spaces be cleaned after they are used to isolate a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus?

Spaces will be cleaned in accordance with recommendations from campus EH&S and the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Graduate and Family Housing (Guaranteed Housing Residents)

If I move out now but plan to return for Fall, is there any impact on my housing guarantee?

If you currently have a housing guarantee, it will be intact when you return as long as you: (1) Have completed the GINT assessment stating your intent to renew; and (2) Are eligible for a Fall 2020 renewal (be within your Length of stay, be in good financial standing, etc.). Once you vacate Housing, you must complete a 2020-21 Graduate and Family Housing Application in order to receive a new housing offer for the 2020-21 academic year. Student Housing will make an effort to provide you with an offer that is consistent with your current unit type (i.e. studio, one, two or three bedroom) and/or the unit type and move-in date preferences listed in your 2020-21 Graduate and Family Housing Application. Application information available at

If I have chosen to stay in my apartment for Spring Quarter, will anything change with my current housing or 2020-21 lease renewal?

If you have chosen to stay in your current apartment for spring quarter, you will not be asked to relocate and your rent charges will remain the same. Your 2019-20 lease end date will still be June 30th. If you have indicated in the GINT Assessment that you wish to renew for Fall 2020, or you have asked for a summer extension, you can expect the housing renewal process to start in April as planned.

Housing Contract Cancellation Process

How do I cancel my housing contract/lease?

All Student Housing residents were contacted by e-mail on March 13th, and provided with instructions on how to let Housing know their plans for spring quarter. The survey is now closed. If you have recently decided to move out, contact your community housing office for instructions. Contract/lease Termination Request forms are linked below.   Residence Hall residents: Cancellation of your Residence Hall Contract automatically cancels your meal plan. No additional action is required.

Undergraduate Communities

The undergraduate housing contract termination request form is available here. Submit your completed form to your community housing office when you check out. Move-out/Check-out instructions were emailed to residents from each community housing office. Please Note: Students who were under 18 years of age and had guarantors for their housing contract should follow instructions in the March 13th email to obtain guarantor authorization for contract cancellation. If you have questions about the cancellation process, contact Housing Administrative Services at (949) 824-6811 or email

Graduate and Family Housing Communitiies

Student living in Graduate and Family Housing should submit the standard Early Lease Termination request form to their community housing office. Be sure to review the move-out instructions for your community posted on the Contract Cancellation webpage.

Will my spring quarter Financial Aid be affected if I cancel my housing contract?

Update (3/19/20): Financial Aid awards will NOT change for students who move home for spring quarter. Awards will also remain the same for students who remain in Housing. Check with Financial Aid for details on your specific award.