Student Housing is accepting applications for the following student staff positions. Click on job titles for details, and please note application deadlines listed.

Student Housing Sustainability

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UCI Housing Move-Out Donation Drive Attendants will help to service in-hall donation bins in the four undergraduate housing communities--Mesa Court, Middle Earth, Arroyo Vista, and Campus Village--in cooperation with our community partners: Goodwill Industries, American Textile Recycling Services, and FRESH Basic Needs Hub. Staff will help deploy, maintain, and regularly check and empty donation bins. Staff will additionally promote the donation drive program, place signage, and share information with residents. More information here.

Move-Out Donation Drive Attendant Job Description

April 18th
11:59 p.m.

Individual Community Listings

Middle Earth

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This is an 11-12 month position that runs from July to the following June. The Middle Earth Housing Lead assists professional staff in recruiting, hiring, and training attendants who work at the Middle Earth Housing Office, Tolkien Room and Mail Room during the academic year. This position works around 15 hours a week in the Middle Earth Housing Office and Tolkien Room performing various tasks and supervising the Attendants. Responsibilities include assisting Attendants and Professional staff in various tasks and projects, and attending regular meetings.

March 4th
12:00 p.m. (noon)