This page provides updates on how housing offers are made and current figures on the housing waitlist to assist you in weighing your housing options. Due to the potential volume of inquiries, housing staff are not available to respond to individual requests for waitlist information.

How offers are made

Offers are made according to waitlist category and application date. Students in Category 1 are served before those in Category 2 (see Category descriptions below). When a vacancy occurs, an offer will be extended to the applicant with the earliest application date, in the category that is being served, who included that floor plan as one of their selections.

Category 1 Ph.D., M.F.A., J.D., or Prime LC, LEAD ABC, and MSTP M.D. students who missed the application deadline; Medical students; Students with children living with them
Category 2 Masters students; Undergraduate students who are 25 years or older, married, or in a domestic partnership (no children)

You may send an email to if you have a question that is not addressed by this information, but keep in mind that we are not able to provide estimates on when a specific individual might receive a housing offer.

Current Housing Waitlist Numbers (7/31/2021)

 To help you assess your approximate place in the waitlist and the likelihood of receiving an offer for placement moving forward, you should consider the following data pertaining to the waitlist and compare it to your placement category, preferences and application completed date. Waitlist offers are expected to be very limited in number based upon our occupancy. You may update your floorplan (up to 20) and other preferences at any time and resubmit your application without losing your place on the waitlist. The Student Housing Gateway can be found here:

Placement from the waitlist is not guaranteed.

There are currently 732 Category 1 (449 single / 283 family) and 619 Category 2 (553 single / 66 family) students on the housing waitlist. The table below displays applications by date window:

Waitlist Applications by Application Type