This page provides updates on apartment vacancies, housing offers, and the housing waitlist to assist you in weighing your housing options. Due to the potential volume of inquiries, housing staff are not available to respond to individual requests for waitlist information.

How offers are made

During summer months, housing offers are made to students who do not currently reside on-campus. Offers to current residents seeking to change apartments or communities are made from October through April.

Offers are made according to waitlist category and application date. Students in Category 1 are served before those in Category 2 (see Category descriptions below). When a vacancy occurs, an offer will be extended to the applicant with the earliest application date, in the category that is being served, who included that floor plan as one of their selections.

Category 1 Ph.D., M.F.A., J.D., or Prime LC M.D. students who missed the application deadline; Medical students; Students with children living with them
Category 2 Masters students; Undergraduate students who are 25 years or older, married, or in a domestic partnership (no children)


The chart below shows application date ranges for family and single student applicants. To assess your place on the waitlist, find the date range when you applied for housing and consider the number of applicants in that column and all date ranges to the left. Movement on the waitlist is also influenced by the specific floor plans that become available and the gender and desired move-in dates of those ahead of you on the waitlist.

# Applications by APPLICATION DATE* Range
Total≤ Dec 2016Jan–Mar 2017


May-Jun 2017Jun–Aug 2017
Family/Full apt


110 95 33 58 21


(Gender split: Man 52.6%; Woman 47.4%)>
390 98 117 53 91 31
Family/Full apt 101 25 20 20 27 9


(Gender split: Man 55.6%; Woman 44.1%; .Transgender 0.3%)

647 96 123 237 160 31
Total 1455 *Date that housing application was completed

You may send an email to if you have a question that is not addressed by this information, or if you have feedback that would improve the clarity of the information. Please remember that due to the potential volume of inquiries, our staff is not available to provide updates on an individual basis.