Please note: Your housing contract is a legally binding agreement, requiring you to follow certain steps to cancel (prior to occupancy or contract start date) or terminate (after occupancy or contract start date). You are financially responsible for your contract until cancellation or termination has been approved. 

End date for 2020-21 early contract termination requests was May 28, 2021. This applies to housing contracts for Arroyo Vista and the Residence Halls only.

Before Move-In  --  Undergraduate Housing Contract Cancellation

2021-22 Housing contracts may be cancelled up until the Friday before move-in weekend (9/17/21). To start the cancellation request process, log onto the Housing Gateway and complete a 2021-22 Cancellation PowerForm online, located under “Other Tasks”. A cancellation fee will apply.

After Move-In -- Undergraduate Housing Contract Termination Requests

Contact your housing community directly for questions regarding this process.

Termination requests submitted after the start date of the contract are subject to approval from Student Housing and require documentation. Requesting a termination does NOT guarantee that one will be granted. Roommate conflicts, noise, construction nuisances, or dissatisfaction with a meal plan will not be considered as valid reasons for termination of the housing contract. A change in preferences is not sufficient grounds for terminating a housing contract, and students are advised not to commit to another housing arrangement prior to a decision from Student Housing on any termination request. Residents who leave housing without proper authorization for contract termination will be held responsible to the terms of their housing contract. Simply moving out or turning in keys does not constitute release from contractual obligations. 

Student Housing reserves the right to terminate a contract if it is determined that a student has violated housing contract provisions or the rules of the University of California, or engaged in conduct otherwise detrimental to the welfare of themselves or other students.  Parents of students who are under 18 years of age or of students who were under 18 at the time of contract signing will be notified in the event of a housing contract termination. 

Contract release requests will be classified as follows:

Group A: Marriage, Transfer, or Withdrawal from UC Irvine

Requests due to marriage must be accompanied by a certified marriage certificate as verification that the marriage took place during the term of the contract. Residents ceasing to be a regularly enrolled, registered UCI student must present written verification of withdrawal. These requests for cancellation are automatically approved upon receipt of supporting documentation. Group A requests are not subject to the "release upon finding a replacement" stipulation in the housing contract.)

Group B: Verifiable Hardship

A verifiable hardship is defined as an extraordinary circumstance that has arisen since the contract was signed that now makes it impossible to meet contractual obligations. Examples include drastic changes in financial situations and illness. Both must be supported with written verification of hardship. Verifiable hardship is evaluated on a case by case basis, and is not guaranteed to result in a release from contractual obligations.

Group C: Mid-Year Move

This includes moving to another on-campus residence, an off-campus residence, or moving back home for any reason other than those stated above. Students are strongly advised not to sign another lease, make a deposit, or in any other way obligate themselves for alternative housing prior to the stated end date of their housing contract. Group C requests will not be approved unless unforeseeable circumstances would make it prudent for the Housing Office to make an exception.

Group D: Military Deployment

Residents may terminate their contract with no penalty when they are deployed. Residents should notify their housing community and provide documentation of their deployment orders. These requests for cancellation are automatically approved upon receipt of supporting documentation.


It is the goal of Student Housing to fill vacancies immediately. Residents do not have the authority to refuse potential roommates/apartment-mates.

Where possible, attempts are made to coordinate mid-year assignments based on the information each student provides on their online Personal Information Form, and to notify students in advance of a new assignment to your living environment.

Residents may be charged for lost revenue of a vacant space if conditions or situations in a room/apartment make it difficult to fill a vacant space. This includes not maintaining a clean and safe environment, being rude to prospective residents, not leaving enough space within the room for someone else’s belongings, or driving current roommates/apartment-mates out of the living environment by being uncooperative and/or intolerable.

Moving Out

When you have been approved to move out, you must adhere to the following checkout procedures:

  1. You must complete all cancellation forms required by your community.
  2. A room inspection with Housing Staff is required.
  3. You must return all keys issued by the Housing Office and sign appropriate paperwork.
  4. You must submit a forwarding address card.

Please contact your community Housing Office for specific information. Failure to comply with move-out procedures (i.e., moving out late or not returning keys in a timely manner) may result in a financial assessment. The Housing Office cannot guarantee the security of any items left behind.

Graduate & Family Housing Agreement Termination

Requests for early agreement termination are subject to administrative review. Contact your assigned housing community for more information.