Based on the requirements of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and in accordance with UC Irvine's Information Privacy Policy, we are unable to discuss housing financial information with anyone except the primary contract holder (student who is 18 or older at the time of contract signing). If the contract holder was under the age of 18 at the time of contract signing, we may disclose housing financial information to the secondary contract holder (guarantor). Students wishing to allow Student Housing to discuss financial housing account matters with anyone that was not a guarantor on their housing contract must complete a Student Housing consent form. Consent forms are available on the 4th floor of the Student Center in Housing Administrative Services and must be signed by the student in the presence of a Student Housing staff member.

Must-Watch: Paying For Housing

View some important reminders about Paying for Housing in this 2-minute video.

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Housing Payment Options

  • Online via ZOT Account Online using a US bank account.

    Bank information can be stored once it is entered, but there is no automatic payment feature; you must log in authorize a payment.

  • By mail: send a check or money order to the Central Cashier at:

    UC Irvine Central Cashier
    228 Aldrich Hall
    Irvine, CA, 92697-1975

    It is recommended that housing payments be specified as "Housing Only" payments.

  • In person: bring cash, check, or money order to the Central Cashier office, on the second floor of Aldrich Hall.

    Hours: Monday–Friday, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. PST

    A drop box is available outside of Aldrich Hall near the flag circle entrance. Payments deposited in the drop box after 4 p.m. will be processed the next business day.

    Credit card and debit card are not accepted.

    1. Make check payable to:U.C. Regents
    2. Include your student ID number
    3. On the memo line, write:Housing Only

How to fill out your housing payment check

Sample housing payment check

When Are Housing Payments Due?

Mesa Court & Middle Earth Quarterly, on the 15th of Oct, Jan, and April
Arroyo Vista & Campus Village Monthly, on the 15th of each month
Palo Verde, Verano Place & Campus Village Graduate Monthly, on the 1st of each month

Check your ZOT Account for payment amounts and due dates. The Student Billing System sends a monthly email (around the 15th of the month) notifying students if charges have been posted to their account.

Grace period

There is a 10-day grace period to make housing payment in full without penalty. Payment must be processed no later than 4 p.m. on the last day of the grace period to avoid a late fee charged to your housing account. Payments must be made in a timely manner to avoid further action.

ZOT Account Online

Authorizing a third party to pay on your behalf

In order for a guest/third party (e.g., parent or spouse) to make an online payment on your behalf, you must authorize access for that person to do so via CASHNet. Ability to make payments through CASHNet does not authorize access to ZOT Account Online or the details of each charge. Go to ZOT Account Online for instructions on how to authorize another person to make online payments or to be able to view detailed charge information on your account.

Housing charges posted to your account

Housing charges for the Mesa Court/Middle Earth will be posted to the ZotBill in early September and are due October 15th. Housing charges for Arroyo Vista and Campus Village were posted to the ZotBill in August and are due September 15th.

Undergraduate charges are posted to your ZOT Account thirty (30) days before the payment due date. Graduate housing charges are posted forty-five (45) days in advance of the due date. To view the due date for each individual charge, click “Current Account” after logging into ZOT Account Online. Please note the Account Summary calculates all charges due on or before the end of the current billing cycle. The Account Summary does not indicate the exact due date for each individual housing charge. It is also important to review the “Unpaid or Unapplied” column for each individual charge.

The ZOT Account/Student Billing System sends monthly emails out (around the 15th of the month) notifying students of recent account activity or a balance greater than zero. If you receive one of these emails, please be sure to check ZOT Account Online for any outstanding housing charges and their corresponding due dates. Housing charges are subject to all deadlines and late fees listed in your housing contract.

Financial Aid

We acknowledge that the immediate application of financial aid to housing charges, including current and future charges, may at times conflict with your priorities when managing your finances; however, the intent of financial aid is to pay University-related expenses – most importantly, tuition, fees, and housing. Once financial aid has been applied to your housing charges, that portion cannot be redirected to you. We strongly encourage you to consider this policy as you manage your finances.

More Information

Visit the ZOT Account Online Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Housing Account Assistance

Contact a Student Housing Accounts Counselor at 949-824-3333 or if you have any questions regarding your housing charges, housing payments, or cannot make your payment by the deadline. You may also contact a Student Housing Accounts Counselor for rental/payment verifications. Please include your full name and Student ID number with any correspondence.

If you live in one of the American Campus Communities (Vista del Campo, Vista del Campo Norte, Puerta del Sol, or Camino del Sol), please contact your community's housing office with account questions.

Help with your Zot Account or Financial Aid:

Contact Campus Billing Services at 949-824-2455 with questions regarding non-housing charges on your ZOT Account.

Contact Financial Aid and Scholarships at 949-824-8262 with questions regarding your financial aid.