On-Campus Housing Tours

In-person tours of the residence halls will available during July and August. Sign up for a housing tour when you come for a campus visit!

Video and Photo Previews of the Residence Halls

Scroll down for student-produced videos and a variety of photos documenting housing facilities and community life.

Mesa Court

Photo Gallery: Rooms

Mesa Court Rooms

Photo Gallery: Amenities

Mesa Court Amenities

Photo Gallery: Resident Life

Mesa Court Resident Life

Middle Earth

Photo Gallery: Rooms

Middle Earth Rooms

Photo Gallery: Amenities

Middle Earth Amenities

Photo Gallery: Resident Life

Middle Earth Resident Life

Arroyo Vista

Arroyo Vista Housing Tours may be scheduled on request. Contact the AV Office at 949-824-3900 for information.

Vista del Campo, Vista del Campo Norte, Camino del Sol, Puerta del Sol

Vista del Campo Norte has a model apartment in the leasing office. To view an apartment in Vista del Campo, Camino del Sol, or Puerta del Sol, contact the leasing office.

Housing Communities Map

Check out the Housing Communities Map to get a closer look at where communities are located across campus.